E-Learning and First Aid Training

The covid-19 pandemic has brought about so many changes in the way that we work. Many of those changes, such as working from home, look like they could be here to stay. The first aid training industry is among those that have adapted during these times, with e-learning growing in popularity.

First aid training is such a hands-on experience, and rightly so. Having the opportunity to practice the skills being taught is so important. Not only does it instill muscle memory, which kicks in when faced with high panic emergency situations. It gives learners the chance to get those skills right in the classroom, so they are ready for a real-life situation.

So where does e-learning come in?

For some workplaces, there are certain courses which are necessary to cover the required safety regulations. High risk workplaces need a First Aid at Work qualification to meet the requirement set out by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). Childcare settings such as schools, nurseries, child minders and pre-schools need a Paediatric First Aid qualification to meet the requirements set out by Ofsted and the Early Years Foundation Stage framework. These courses need to be thorough and so take longer to complete. Combining with e-learning allows staff to take less time out of the workplace, learning the theory online and then completing face-to-face training to learn those all-important hands-on skills.

But not only is blended learning a convenient concept for busy workplaces, it gives students the opportunity to learn using a variety of teaching methods. A good online programme should use a combination of videos, quizzes, visuals and information to engage the learner and keep the subject matter interesting. Once in the classroom, students have the opportunity to discuss and analyse the learning they undertook online. They then get to put those skills into practice. Combining this with good hands-on practical work provides a well-rounded and thorough teaching of that all-important first aid knowledge.

There is also a place for e-learning in delivering less formal first aid training. Family first aid training is invaluable for parents and carers, but getting to classes isn’t that easy for some, especially when little ones come along! And some people just prefer to self-learn, which is where an online course such as Family First Aid can be an excellent resource to learn at home, at the learners’ own pace.

Blended learning and e-learning are becoming more and more popular within first aid training, and it’s easy to see why! If you’re interested in discussing the e-learning packages available, get in touch today!

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